Orion5 Robotic Arm

About Orion5

Orion5 is an accessible package to learn real world relevant robotics

Key Features

  • Smart Servo Motors
  • USB output at the claw for accessories
  • Simulation environment
  • Plug in with USB and control with Python
  • Continuous 360° rotation
  • Kinematic control and feedback

Ease of use

Mount Orion5 on your desk, plug in the USB, and start programming using Python.

  1. Launch the Orion5 Software
  2. Use the built-in Python IDE to write code
  3. Test on the simulated Orion5
  4. Deploy to the real robot

Safety Features

  • No finger pinch points
  • Collision detection with itself and the environment
  • Overload and over-temperature sensing
  • Continuous rotation and internalised wiring means no stretching/snapping of cables

Our customers are using Orion5 in their classrooms
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For Educators

For Educators


Orion5 is designed for a wide variety of learners.

Orion5 can be used anywhere from early secondary school through to university and beyond.

A number of Secondary Schools across Queensland, Australia, are using Orion5 to facilitate their Digital Technologies curriculum across many year levels.

2020 is the third year that QUT (Queensland University of Technology) in Brisbane, Australia, have been using Orion5 in their Mechatronics Engineering subject, Introduction to Robotics.

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Learning Opportunities

Orion5 looks and operates like a real robotic arm, one you might see in research or industry.

Learners of all abilities can interact with Orion5 at the level that is best for them.

Orion5 provides practical learning outcomes in a number of subject areas:

  • Mathematics - trigonometry, calculus
  • Physics - kinematics
  • Coding - Python
  • Control systems
  • Robotics

Simulation Environment

All-in-one package, including Python IDE, robot simulator and 3d visualiser

  • Educators with limited budgets don't need a hardware unit for every student.
  • Students can work on their solution without access to a real robot
  • Fully-featured built-in Python IDE
  • Create a sequence of moves without any code
  • Example code and documentation built in
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Orion5 Playlist

Tech Specs

Tech Specs


Number of Axes5
Max. Reach450mm
Position Repeatability5-10mm
Motors360° continuous / 1.5Nm / 0.33° resolution Smart Servos
ControllerARM Cortex M4 Embedded Processor
CommunicationUSB Serial (Micro USB)
Other I/OUSB 2.0 line routed from base to claw
Power SupplyAC 110-240V / 50-60Hz / IEC-C13
Power InputDC 15V / 4A / DC Barrel (5.5mm OD, 2.5mm ID)
Power Consumption60W Max.


Robot Arm Weight700g
Shipping Weight2.5kg (with case and accessories)
Case Size380mm x 320mm x 200mm
Materials3d Printed ABS Plastic
Mounting FootprintEquilateral Triangle 90.54mm per side

In The Box

Case with foam interiorx1
Orion5 Robotic Armx1
Power Adapterx1
USB Type A to Micro Bx2
Quick Mount Basex2

Axis Limits

Axis NameMin. AngleMax. Angle
Turretno limitno limit
Clawno limitno limit


SoftwareOrion5 Simulator - Desktop application
LibrariesPython Library

End Effectors

Gripper40mm height, 80mm opening range, rack & pinion driven
USB AccessoryUSB 2.0 Type A available for camera, serial comms, etc.